Wednesday, January 27, 2010

♥I miss her.

Its All About ,We.

She,a fren who I know her when I was a form3 gal.Hmmm..she quite special to me actually.For me,she not only a fren,we just like sista.She has influenced me alot and alot..Mayb both we oso Taurus's girls,so we quite easy to talk to.She was the most one who totally know me.She and I had gone through a lot of our' first time '.Alot of happiness,Alot of sadness....alot and alot.

Babe,U still sweet.

We stil can did anything we like ,bcoz we still we.

A perfect loyalty still will survive in our frenshipSo,'friend' not equal to 'end'.
She is Yue Bei.♥A babe..who I long time dint meet...
♥I did certainly miss you.How are you?my friend. T_T

Sunday, January 24, 2010

♥You Make Me Sick!

I DARE YOU always,MMT's chairman,managers and members.=]

Well,saying that you did not lie.I gib u a chance to prove u r right.
Come,just screen shot.Show all players that I really tried to cover all things up ,and show everyone u r right!U juz print down the msg which I beg u to gift me things!!If u cant do it,mean tat u the liar actually!plus stop spamming ur sohai sentences like
'Tat hu hu hu dont keep pm me larh...'
'Dun keep seduce me larh...'
'Dun pm me and beg for giving u loudspeaker...!'

WTF?!!Bullshitsssss.Nonsenseeeee!Fuckerrr.come,show me ur Proof!

I so fed up wif ur fake show ,plus continue do ur show,stay hard,dude!
Can u did something that make everyone happy?

You'r a digrace who got shitty brain!

One word for u,BRAINLESS,continue be a suck chairman who 'versatile'.


Friday, January 22, 2010

♥Pork Chop MMT

My post...about pork chop.

Well,I wil apologized here,all because I will be so rough n rough that u all cant ever imagine..I was damn pissed off.1st,Lemon brought all his team come in my room and insult me.Actually,tat is not the main point,n I oso dont care bout it.But,the thing let me shock is,why u the one come n started insult me with those rude word?..whats cb..lanjiao..blablablabla..I was so shock bcoz I m ur real fren and they just only ur game frens.U told me tat u juz acting.ACTING??Dont u noe the word DISSAPOINTED.?Its totally can describe my feeling on you now..

Lemon,wu zhe and also cb xiaofu,why u all so cheap?Dont u noe u all such like a foolish?..Lemon,u say I pro at seduction?come on..When I seduce u?!Why I also dunnoe it.?Lemon!Dont u noe u r a man who ard 25years old,not a an uncle..why ur mind still so childish?Dont u really think that u so powerful at steps?Come on,it just a game.It just for fun.So,can you stop ur all action which acting gangster?I so shame on you.Really,its really came from my true heart and wanna to tell you.

Its was my limited word for you
..SHAME!Can you be more mature, LEMON?

Turn..xiaofu..U wan quit steps wor?*CLAPS!!Its really good.I was so proud of you for u finally did a great,wondeful,excellent,useful decision.Actually..u no need make a
comparison of you and me.Indeed.U juz a pork chop,I m a human.I really hate you!Why u the one who always on loud and scold me or else first,but I am the one who tried to bully you in the end??Can someone tell me why?
ITS REALLY ENOUGH!!Why I m the one who wil speechless in the end?Izit I not pro on talk.But now,I finally got it.Not I not pro in talk,is I totally different with you!You This Bitch!Fucker!Cbkia!I got stantard!So!I wont continue fight wif you at loud.I dont feel any feelings of proud when I on loud and scold anyone!coz I noe it ,it actually just an action who low classes's ppl wil did it.!Of course u donnoe it.coz u felt so proud ,so happy when u insult a ppl!!Yayaya,I sure qualified to say You are Pork Chop!coz I really look nicer then you!!DONT ENVY PLS!

[ 残心枫 ] ..I wanna say thx to you.Thks u for doing all things which was my business.They say,I m the one who make u n ur bro relationship broken,its real?Anyways,thank you

I was so tired now..and I was sick-ing.LOL!but look like I stil so powerful for fight with otherss.

[ 劲歌舞者 ]Its really end..Hope you really WONT come n find me..U are nothing for me start from now.We are not fren anymore..

-I noe its just a game-

Khoo Li Wen ,I nid ur

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

♥Heal my word..

Heal my word..

Well,I back.Tis few days,I finally noe how to really described ppl with the word 'BITCH'.The girl,thought she was vry great or smart,but actually she not.Its was really ridiculous.Heyhey.u thk hu u are..on loudspeaker and call me go see ur 'masterpiece'.Izit u got a habit tat like to print screen??So like ss??go lick...ASS...better.Dun thk u r so great okay?freakin funny.I will knock u down oneday.FUCK.Low classes's ppl did low classes things.cb 'xiaofu'.

A babe..who create a blogspot, dunwan told me her acc..that's great!o0o.But finally she got told me,but after 300seconds[I thk]the blog show me ..

The blog you were looking for was not found.

my gosh!!!!what the hell,jesus,drag her to hell.oooppss,just kidding.Anyways,I noe her secret.Babe,please dun tell me he was a wonderful,perfect,great man again,coz he r not.Hmmmm..can I tell to u de,I oredi told u last night.Hope he wil treasure u,treat u nicer.God bless you.

Dare u say me cheap?bitch?U the fuckin mother fucker!U juz a china man!U thk hu u r.Dun talk wif me those bullshitss!Do you have qualified to say that I was a slut and 'dead open'??GIVE DOG PUSH!!Cut all ur craps larh,sei liar.I not stupid,okay?U got wat I mean?

I hate him hate him hate him but u love him love him love him.
*faint.U really a baka.
U better watch out sei jerk,pui.
SHAME ON YOU,u noe wat the word shame?China man.

Welllllll,300 seconds for relax was over*continue my post here..
I n dm >> lover=over.
secret rendevous,me n him started.only JIMO noe tat,I thk.LOL!actually ,I noe tat u all cant understand wat I talking about.heeheee,but its okay..hushhush..

I totally fallin on u,Khoo Li Wen!sept3..I miss you til u cant ever imagine it.

...♥How my great-legged love..[ 残心枫 ] he joined.

Nv Ren, I miss you.But I dint dare to contact u.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

♥love like shitss

well,now,1.30am,but I haven sleep yet.waiting for my stupid+suck steps update.It taken so long and long time that u cant imagine.F.U.C.K
I gonna tell u guys,

1st,I was so miss my babes although we just came out gathering yesterday.We go watch ju on yst.What the fuckin shits!!Its was too HORROR for me!!Each episode is very frightening.Ohno,i totally hate watch ghost movie.NO MORE HORROR ,can?yea,I will try say no to those horror film.

2nd,MY DEAR XIAOMI!!tell u here,stop dint attend ur class.!I wass so so so worry bout you.
luvluvluv my m.c.b.HeeheeXD.muacks.♥/hug

Last,actually I know wat i doing nowadays.I know myself.No nid'u'cum give me comments or idea for how to be a girl.We ard OVER long time ago.GUY,please respect me and also respect urself..okay?and also cut all the craps..feeling like dunwan contact with you anymore..haizzz..swt..

Izit our love was over?Honestly,I really dunnoe answer you.SPEECHLESS..
I like nothing for you,u know?now thn u come care bout me,will it too late?

I got many lovers now.